Amazing Akademia: 3-0 in Cremona and mathematical pass to the playoffs


By John

Akademia City of Messina-Cremona Esperia 3-0
Set: 25-19; 25-19; 25-19
Akademia City of Messina: Battista 15, Martinelli 11, Catania ne, Ciancio (l) ne, Modestino 5, Felappi ne, Mearini ne, Payne 15, Joly 3, Rossetto 7, Maggipinto (l), Galletti 4, Michelini ne, Fiumara ne. Coach: Fabio Bonafede.
Cremonaoffice Esperia: Taborelli 14, Gamba (l), Balconati, Munarini 7, Rossini 6, Ferrarini ne, Piovesan 2, Coveccia 1, Turlà ne, Landucci 3, Scialanca (l) ne, Zorzetto, Felappi ne. Coach: Marco Zanelli.
Referees: Walter Stancati from Cosenza and Danilo De Sensi from Lamezia Terme.

Messina – The Akademia Città di Messina takes the three points up for grabs with Cremona Esperia (3 to 0) at the PalaRescifina and also the mathematical pass for the play offs. Coach Fabio Bonafede's girls didn't have to push themselves too hard to direct the challenge in their direction, bending the guests' ambitions with changes of pace in the key phases of the sets. In addition to the usual contribution in attack from Payne and Battista, Martinelli put a lot of himself into it with the determination of the captain and a series of blocks at the right moments to crumble the opposition's resistance.