Batons to the students, Meloni: “The demonstrations must be communicated. Unjust smear campaign against the police”


By John

«In 97% of the demonstrations that have taken place in recent months there have been no critical issues. Critical issues were found in only 3% of cases and this demonstrates the excellent management of public order and your ability to protect sensitive sites. These are facts that are right to reiterate and underline, because I believe the systematic campaign of denigration to which you have been subjected is unjust.” She said it, we learn, Giorgia Meloni during the meeting at Palazzo Chigi with the law enforcement unions.

“We are perfectly aware that, among the many activities that involve the police force, that of guaranteeing public order is among the most difficult and demanding”, added the Prime Minister, again from what we learn.

«We considered it important to convene this meeting, also in light of what has happened in recent months and weeks», Meloni said again, explaining that «as you know, the increase in street demonstrations, especially after the exacerbation of the conflict in Middle East, has determined a more intense commitment, qualitatively and quantitatively, for all of you.”

Events not to be authorised, but to be communicated

“If it is true that demonstrations should not be authorised, it is equally true – continued the Prime Minister – that they should be communicated to give you the opportunity to calibrate the forces on the field and the means to be used”. «When the person responsible for public order, i.e. the Police Commissioner, dictates provisions on the conduct of the protest, for example keeping a distance from sensitive objectives, he does so not to deny the right to demonstrate, but to guarantee it as best as possible, and at the same time to do not deny rights equally enshrined in the Constitution. It is obvious – the Prime Minister underlined – that if, as has recently happened for more than one protest, the organizers do not give any communication, this increases your difficulties, whatever the age of the participants”.

The Prime Minister also recalled that «from 7 October to today there have been more than a thousand street initiatives. Italy, unlike other nations, has not banned demonstrations in favor of Palestine because for us it is fundamental to guarantee the full right to express any political position. It is a right that must be balanced with respect for the rules that govern it and with the necessary protection of sensitive objectives that are targeted by demonstrators, very often attributable to symbols of the Jewish religion rather than to the State of Israel, given that these too the last must be defended.”