Artisan bilateralism stops in Vibo. Conference promoted by the Orders of labor consultants and accountants


By John

On Monday 4 December, starting from 9am, at the 501 Hotel in Vibo Valentia, an important discussion will be held which will put the spotlight on the situation of the Calabrian artisan sector and the support tools put in place by the regional social partners, through the Bilateral bodiesin order to provide opportunities and economic support in times of difficulty.

According to the Unioncamere report, in the third quarter of 2023 in Calabria there were 31,867 active artisan businesses and, if we consider that the businesses with employees are just under half and employ an average of around 1.7 employees per company, we are talking about a sector which involves around 20 thousand workers and 31,800 owners, many of whom belong to single-income families. Given the importance of the catchment area, and the key role played by consultants of artisan businesses, the two Professional Orders (labor consultants and accountants) have decided to inform the territory of the important opportunities offered by bilateralism to the artisan production world. Redundancy fund, Income support benefits for workers and artisan owners, Continuous training, Contractual supplementary healthcare and Safety and prevention in the workplace, these are the topics that will be addressed and explored in next Monday’s seminar. The two representatives of the Professional Orders, Francesco La Piana and Antonino Daffinà, agree on the need that professionals must also do their part and this is only possible by networking all the tools that are present and which, often being not well known, are not used by companies. In fact, it is the professionals who must have 360-degree training that allows them to make the right contribution to client companies that need valid assistance from trained and informed professionals. The two Presidents, in expressing appreciation for the attention dedicated to the day by the top leaders of the Calabrian artisan bilateral funds (thePresident Paolo D’errico, Vice President Luigi Veraldi and Director Andrea Monteleone) which will participate unitedly in the initiative, highlight the difficulties encountered daily by companies caused by high labor costs and hope for targeted interventions which also tend, among other things, to reduce the taxation of some services and which can certainly help workers, but above all lighten the load tax and social security contributions for companies.

Also taking part in the event will be the President of OPRA Calabria (a joint body that deals with the dissemination of the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases) Michele Gigliotti and the representatives of the Regional Branch of FONDARTIGIANATO, an important inter-professional fund that provides tens of millions of euro in Continuous Training, Carlo Malfarà Sacchini (representative of the employers’ parties) and Benedetto Cassala (representative of the trade union parties). The Director of EBNA and FSBA Stefano Di Niola and the Labor Inspectorate will also participate in the initiative with the prestigious presence of Giuseppe Patania from Vibo, now Head of the Southern Interregional Directorate of the National Labor Inspectorate. Furthermore, the event is accredited for the purposes of mandatory continuing training for labor consultants and chartered accountants and accounting experts.