Attack in Yemen, Tajani: “The Constitution does not allow us to carry out war actions without a vote in Parliament”


By John

«We are committed to guaranteeing freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, we participate in the European mission Atlanta and we will also ask that this mission can have broader competences or even create a new European mission to guarantee the free circulation of goods”. Thus Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani conversing with reporters in Rimini.

«We signed a document in favor of this freedom with the United States and we appreciated the decision of the United Nations Security Council and if you ask me why Italy did not participate in last night’s attack, we were informed by the United States United several hours in advance, but we can’t, because the Constitution does not allow it to act in war without a debate and a vote by Parliament. Therefore it is right to defend freedom of navigation”, he added, “we politically support this principle and also with our frigate we participate in the Atlanta mission, however we cannot participate in sudden war actions even if they are actions to protect international maritime traffic without authorization from Parliament. Hence our non-presence, but we always fight politically for free maritime movement”, he underlines