Bad weather in Reggio Calabria: vehicular traffic closed on the Falcomatà seafront, the Villa Comunale and Corso Matteotti closed to pedestrian traffic


By John

Due to the adverse weather conditions that are currently affecting the City of Reggio Calabria, the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà has signed an ordinance, currently being published, which provides for the temporary closure to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic of Lungomare Falcomatà, the temporary closure of the Villa Comunale and the ban on pedestrian transit in Corso Giacomo Matteotti.

The measure takes effect immediately and until the emergency is over, unless extended due to the continuation of the current weather conditions. The usual regional Civil Protection bulletin reports critical weather conditions in these hours with scattered rain and thunderstorms, accompanied by strong gusts of wind and strong storm surges along the exposed coasts.

The municipal administration of Reggio Calabria invites citizens to exercise maximum caution, invites citizens not to stop near tree-lined areas, parks and gardens, or under buildings with damaged cornices or facades, referring to the recommendations released by the Civil Protection:

• do not travel unless strictly necessary;
• avoid underpasses;
• abandon basement or basement floors if located in depressed areas or close to rivers, buried streams or with riverbed sections restricted due to anthropic causes;
• in the areas indicated in the previous point reach the upper floors;
• do not stop near areas with steep slopes which could give rise to rapid mud flows and collapses of rock blocks.

The situation will be monitored constantly by the municipal civil protection service and the local police.

For further and more precise indications it is possible to refer to the behavioral rules of the Civil Protection.

Tomorrow Sunday 26 November the cemeteries of Condera and Modena will be closed

The municipal administration of Reggio Calabria, through the Councilor with responsibility for Cemeteries Rocco Albanese, announces that due to adverse weather conditions, the city cemeteries of Condera and Modena will remain closed tomorrow, Sunday 26 November.