Barcelona, ​​750 kg of fireworks stuffed in a van: responsible reported


By John

This morning, personnel from the Barcelona PG Police Station – during intensified checks to ensure the regularity of the possession and sale of explosive material, carried out to guarantee safety during the end-of-year celebrations – 755.50 kg of fireworks detained in extremely dangerous conditions were found and seized.

The seized material it was crammed into a van located inside an unsuitable warehouse as it lacked approval and safety systems, therefore unlicensed, which – in addition to overlooking the public road – is also adjacent to a commercial activity and numerous private homes. An explosion would certainly have been catastrophic and capable, given the large quantity of explosives, of causing damage to property and numerous victims.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Barcelona PG in the person of the Prosecutor Dr. was immediately involved in this operation. Giuseppe Verzera, which immediately ordered, in addition to the seizure, the immediate safety of the places through the use of the State Police bomb squad. The said Bomb Squad Unit, together with the Policemen of the local Police Station, took steps to catalog and preserve a sample and then proceed with the destruction of the rest of the material, as ordered by the Prosecutor himself.

The person responsible was released on bail for illegal possession of explosive material which, due to the large quantity, is considered deadly. The activity carried out is a further response by the State to the negligence of those who – for the sole purpose of profit – put their lives at risk and that of unsuspecting citizens who, through no fault of their own, could find themselves involved in a terrible explosion capable of taking lives human. Further tight checks will be carried out in the coming days as part of targeted State Police services.