“Battiti Calabresi” is back: new reading and many other novelties for the 2nd edition


By John

In the evocative setting of the historic Palazzo Santa Chiara, headquarters of the Vibonese Library System, presided over by the mayor of Jonadi Fabio Signoretta, Edizioni Beroe has inaugurated the second edition of Battiti Calabresi. The Vibonese publisher Renato Costa, in the presence of journalists and interested parties, presented the new reading format that celebrates the Calabrian cultural and landscape heritage through readings by famous authors including: Dalida, Rino Gaetano, Carlo Diano, Francesca Diano, Alexandre Dumas, Edward Lear, Cesare Pavese, Corrado Alvaro, Leonida Repaci etc...

“Battiti Calabresi” is an itinerant cultural kermesse and this year it was welcomed in four locations: 9 August at 9 pm at the Palazzo della Cultura in Pizzo. On September 1st at 9 pm at Villa Mazzini in Palmi. 18 October at 5.30 pm in the Sala del Cenacolo, owned by the Chamber of Deputies. Zambrone’s date is awaiting confirmation. During the conference the artistic staff was also presented: artistic director Renato Costa (Edizioni Beroe), narrator Dolores Mazzeo, narrator Giuseppe Ingoglia, guitar Enrico Damiano Vallone. For the inaugural stage of Pizzo the musical accompaniment will be performed by the composer and master guitarist Daniele Fabio and the additional voice of the writer Ilaria Amodio will also be enjoyed.