Vibo, climbs a trellis and threatens to jump into the void. Then they dissuade him and he suspends the protest


By John

Suspended his protest the man who in the afternoon a Lombards, fraction of Vibo Valentia, he had climbed a high voltage pylon and remained suspended for a few hours from a height of about twenty meters. The man had motivated his initiative with the request for public housing after the eviction ordered against him at the conclusion of a judicial dispute. The initiator of the protest was persuaded to get off the pylon by representatives of the police forces and by the personnel of the fire brigade and 118 who had rushed to the scene.

Negotiations were not easy also because the demonstrator – not new to glaring protests like this – remained stuck on his decisions for hours. Then, luckily, the man was persuaded to change his mind and got off the trellis.