Belvedere Marittimo, sets ex's car on fire: approach and residence ban for a 40-year-old


By John

In recent days, i carabinieri of the station Maritime Belvederewith the help of the Carabinieri station Catanzaro – Bellamena competent for the territory, have implemented an order disposing of precautionary measures of ban on approaching the offended person and to the places it usually frequents with an electronic device as well as the residence ban in the municipality of Belvedere Marittimo, against a 40-year-old of Campania origins, domiciled in Praia a Marefor the crimes of damage followed by fire, persecutory acts and mistreatment against family members or cohabitants.

The provision was issued by the GIP of the Court of Paola, at the request of the local Public Prosecutor's Office and is resulting from the fire, confirmed to be malicious in nature, which occurred on 3 March in Belvedere Marittimo in the car owned by a girl who was at the time parked inside a condominium garage. The meticulous investigative activity conducted by the Carabinieri of the Belvedere Marittimo Station, with the constant and uninterrupted coordination of the Paola Public Prosecutor's Office, made it possible not only to identify the person responsible for the dangerous gesture, which could have led to much more serious consequences, but also to identify the probable motive and to collect serious indications of guilt in relation to other crimes committed by the suspect to the detriment of the owner of the burned car, a 26-year-old girl who had had a relationship with the 40-year-old, which ended abruptly a few months ago.

In particular, as mentioned, the latter is also charged with the crimes of mistreatment against family members or cohabitants and persecutory acts since both in the period in which the two had lived together and at the end of their relationship, the 40-year-old would have continuously harassed the woman so much so as to cause her a serious state of anxiety and fear.
The proceeding is still in the preliminary investigation phase, therefore the suspect is to be considered presumed innocent until a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence.

The Paola Public Prosecutor's Office and the Carabinieri of the Scalea Company always pay maximum attention to this type of crime. It is necessary to reiterate, at all times, the importance of reporting similar incidents at the various Carabinieri stations located throughout the area and, in case of urgency, promptly contacting the emergency number 112.