Healthcare, M5s: 1,218 limited-service employees in Calabria


By John

In Calabria, there are 1,218 employees of the regional health system who either carry out a job different from that expected upon hiring or are in possession of certified unsuitability or with limiting requirements. This was stated by the group leader of the 5 Star Movement at the Calabrian Regional Council Davide Tavernise. «My inspection work and my battle continues – he states in a note – on the phenomenon of the so-called 'hidden' doctors, i.e. healthcare personnel moved to administrative roles or in any case assigned to tasks other than those for which they were assigned hired or found to be unfit to work in the ward or with limiting requirements”.

«The data from the ASP of Catanzaro have arrived – says Tavernise – which, added to the others I have collected, confirm the seriousness of the phenomenon. Definitely worrying numbers that require immediate intervention from the governor and health commissioner Roberto Occhiuto to go and find those who cause inconvenience, not only to the already disastrous Calabrian healthcare system, but also to their own colleagues forced to take on grueling shifts in the emergency rooms and hospital wards of our region”.

According to what was reported by the 5 Star exponent on ASP data, «there are 30 employees of the ASP of Catanzaro who are carrying out work different from that expected for the hiring, which raises the regional figure to 99, when data from important healthcare companies is still missing. There are 347 employees with certified unsuitability or with limiting requirements. The regional figure thus rises to 1,119 for a total of 1,218 employees of the Regional Health System affected by this phenomenon”.

«For the doctors of the ASP of Catanzaro – states Tavernise – the most frequent limitations concern the non-availability for night shifts, availability, emergency/urgency activities, for nurses and health workers the non-availability for handling loads, also night shifts and ward activities. The reconnaissance activities of healthcare personnel ordered by the extraordinary general commissioner Antonio Battistini, were started only after this new access to the documents, which I proposed again since the ombudsman was appointed in 2023, Ubaldo Comitenot present at the time of my first access to the documents”.

«The good news, regarding the ASP of Catanzaro – he concludes – is that I have been informed that the 'Company Regulations for verifying the suitability of personnel for service' which dates back to 2017 is being updated”.