Betting in Serie A, Corona’s bomb: “Not just Fagioli, Zaniolo and Tonali are betting too.” Then he goes to the police station…


By John

Fabrizio Corona, after having mentioned the name of Nicolò Fagioli, under investigation in Turin, also brings into play in an alleged round of betting on the matches the players Sandro Tonali, former AC Milan player and now at Newcastle, and Nicolò Zaniolo, former Roma striker and now at Aston Villa. «Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo do it too», says the former photographic agent in an interview with the Dillinger news website, after having announced on several occasions that he would name other names.

«An informant – says the former king of the paparazzi – revealed to me that Zaniolo bet on Roma’s match in the Italian Cup even when he was on the bench. The names – he adds – were given to me by certain sources which I will reveal as soon as possible.” And again: «I decided to move into the back world of football to reveal the many distortions that hide there. Not just betting, but there is much more – explains Corona -. We will soon talk, for example, about gay footballers and why none of them have ever revealed publicly that they are gay. What’s stopping it? What makes them hide.” The information on football betting, he continues, “comes to me from a person well versed in the world of football and is part of a dossier that has been collected over time”. Yesterday, he adds, «I anticipated it during the live broadcast of the tvplay twitch channel. it, that I would reveal the names of other footballers who, like Fagioli, are affected by gambling addiction. An evil, which I can assure you, affects many more athletes than has been said to date.” «At 6.00 pm – concludes Corona – I will release the evidence and documents with audio and names, which will certify the correctness of what was stated. But in the next few weeks we will see some really good things.”

Tonali and Zaniolo regularly on the pitch in Coverciano for training ahead of the match against Malta

Despite the rumors and new indiscretions from Fabrizio Corona about the involvement of players in the betting ring, Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo trained regularly in Coverciano in view of Italy’s double match against Malta and England. The Azzurri players are the two new names brought up by the former photographic agent, now owner of a gossip site, after that of the Juventus player Nicolò Fagioli. Tonali was on the pitch with the bib of the possible starters. Before training, open to the media for the first 15 minutes, Luciano Spalletti gathered the group inside the gym for a brief discussion, excluding the entire staff. Then the coach’s collaborators were called and they also entered the gym for another brief moment of discussion.