The constraints for the election to the Calabria Region: here is the “draft” that redesigns everything


By John

More stringent criteria on the causes ofineligibility and incompatibility of regional councilors, the reintroduction of the figure of the “substitute”. These are some of the salient points of the draft delivered by the group leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giuseppe Neri, to his colleagues at Palazzo Campanella. The goal is to reach the sharing of a legal text aimed at updating the current regulatory framework. The measure, which for the moment is circulating informally, should come to the attention of the Elections Council (of which Neri is president) already in the next few days also because the European elections are now upon us and some candidatures could also arrive from the Spaceship. Certain, It still remains to be seen how much the centre-left is willing to accept the acceleration given by the majority and to what extent the president Roberto Occhiuto will endorse the initiative produced by some sectors of the centre-right.

The imagined reform In terms of ineligibility and incompatibility, the competence of the regional legislator was confirmed by the Constitutional Court with sentences no. 378 and n. 379 of 2004. These were rulings relating to statutory provisions of Umbria and Emilia-Romagna respectively, which declared constitutionally illegitimate the determination of cases of incompatibility of the office of member of the Council with that of regional councilor by a source other than the regional law. Hence the idea of ​​proceeding in Calabria following the route traced by the Consulta.

The text of the law consists of 9 articles. The following are ineligible as president of the Region and as councilor: prefects, vice-prefects or public security officialsthose who hold management positions in general management level offices in state administrations, magistrates and judges, ecclesiastics and ministers of religion, directors and managers or directors of ASP and hospital departments, the Regional Defender, the Guarantor for childhood and adolescence, the Prisoners’ Guarantor, as well as the members of the Board of Auditors of the Region. Doctors of the medical commissions for the recognition of disability for pension purposes who have an employment relationship with the ASP and other public bodies, the rectors of the Universities, the managers and employees of the Region are also not eligible as president of the Regional Council and as advisor., as well as the staff of the entities and companies connected to it. «The causes of ineligibility – we read in the draft – have no effect if the interested party ceases from the functions or office no later than 90 days from the date of natural expiry of the legislature».