Between Cosenza and Bari it ends 4-1: the rossoblù close to salvation


By John


Markers: 5' pt Mazzocchi, 17' pt Tutino, 44' st Nasti, 34' st Calò, 43' st Forte.
Cosenza (3-5-2): Micali 6.5; Venturi 5 (1' st Fontanarosa 6), Camporese 6, Meroni 6; Marras 6.5 (17' st Florenzi 6), Zuccon 6 (15' st Cimino 6), Calò 8 (41' st Viviani sv), Antonucci 6.5, D'Orazio 7; Tutino 7.5 (25' st Forte 6.5), Mazzocchi 7. All.: Viali.
Bari (4-2-3-1): Pissardo 6; Pucino 5.5 (30' st Dorval 6), Di Cesare 5.5, Vicari 5, Ricci 5; Maita 5 (41' st Acampora sv), Benali 5.5 (41' st Achik sv); Kallon 5.5 (30' st Bellomo 4), Aramu 5.5 (15' st Morachioli 5), Sibilli 6.5; Nasti 7. All.: Giampaolo.
Referee: Zufferli of Udine 5.
Note: cloudy day, pitch in good condition, spectators 9,503 of which 1,507 guests. Expelled: 37' st Bellomo for unsportsmanlike conduct. Booked: Venturi, Zuccon, D'Orazio, Benali, Pucino, Micai. Angles: 2-6. Recovery time: 3', 5'.

Cosenza comes significantly closer to salvation with the 4-1 win against Bari. The rossoblù rise to +5 in fifth last place and on Wednesday they can already achieve the mathematical certification of remaining in Serie B at the “Del Duca” in Ascoli.

News. In the 3rd minute Calò tries to surprise Pissardo at the near post directly from a free kick, the goalkeeper from Bari clears for a corner. The midfielder creates havoc in the opponent's area also in the fifth and this time Cosenza takes the lead. On the deep serve of the number 14, D'Orazio puts it back in the center for Mazzocchi who all alone places it comfortably in the net.
The rossoblù double their lead in the 17th minute after a well-thought-out move. Tutino frees himself from an opponent and opens on the right for Marras who, almost at the back, assists in tow for the Neapolitan attacker who rightly surpasses Pissardo. Almost a photocopy action in the 21st minute but this time the goalkeeper from Bari manages to patch it up.
The guests grow in the final half. The first chance for Bari in the 34th minute but Kallon heads wide from Pucino's free kick. Three minutes later, Sibilli's attempt hits the post. Micai takes Pucino's shot for a corner and heads under the crossbar in the 40th minute. Then Camporese risks an own goal on a Sibilli cross. The red and whites reopen the match in the 44th minute with former player Marco Nasti who closes at the far post on the former Pisa player's cross shot.
In the second half, Nasti hits the post with a left-footed shot (4'). The guests persist, Camporese closes at the last minute on Benali (11'). The goalkeeper from Cosenza instinctively opposes Nasti's close range touch (14'). The Sila team eased the pressure on Bari and eleven minutes from the ninetieth minute they secured the result with a splendid execution by Calò on a free kick. After the red card to Bellomo, Forte further rounds the score with the goal unguarded.