Between Vivarini and Catanzaro we are moving towards a diplomatic separation


By John

It is the decisive day for the separation between Catanzaro and Vincenzo Vivarini. The three parties involved, i.e. the Giallorossi club, the Abruzzo coach and Frosinone need to hurry and move within this week, today if possible. They are not a given, but the chances that the divorce will officially take place are much higher than before.
The piece that can move the domino is the agreement that seems to have been reached between the fifty-eight year old from Abruzzo and the Ciociaria club relegated from Serie A with the aim of returning immediately.
Frosinone is not willing to pay compensation to Catanzaro for its coach, who is in fact an ex since he broke – and so far never re-established – any relationship with president Floriano Noto. That he wanted to keep him by virtue of a contract renewed last year and valid for another season, but he had to deal with a clear refusal. And he immediately thought of the alternative.
Evidently Vivarini felt he had arrived at the right moment to play for his chances in the top flight: he thought he could do it directly given that he had been in the running for the Venezia bench for a long time (and before that he had also had contacts with Udinese and Cagliari as well as with Sassuolo), will try to get there by winning the championship with the team that sporting director Angelozzi, a great admirer of his, will make available to him. And with the great economic availability of President Stirpe.
Yesterday afternoon Radiomercato reported the agreement between Vivarini and Frosinone on the basis of a two-year contract. After the messages launched in recent days from Catanzaro – the “appropriate offices” threatened by president Noto – one cannot fail to read a signal from the other side: almost as if to say that Frosinone will not do more than this, so now it is up to the coach and to his old club to come to an agreement by consummating the farewell in a definitive and, above all, official way.
The issue, now, remains precisely this: will the resolution with Catanzaro take place in a simpler way than the tense stories between coach and president suggest or will the tug of war continue? Will Vivarini, and with him the staff made up of deputy Milani, trainers Del Fosco and Zambardi, and match analyst Carcarino, resign or try to ask for a resolution with severance pay going into total conflict?
Every hypothesis is plausible considering that the coach and the Giallorossi owner have not spoken since last June 11thnor did Vivarini’s prosecutor show up (who is not the same as a year ago).
If the 58-year-old and his team do what is expected of those who don’t want to stay in one place (formally give up) there should be no further problems. Because it doesn’t suit them, nor does Catanzaro need to prolong this situation and postpone the hiring of the new coach.
Otherwise, the “appropriate locations” aired by the Giallorossi owner could become much more than an eventuality. With great damage to everyone. After two years to remember, two weeks to quickly forget.