Crotone, Spadaro talks about ‘Ndrangheta at the “Dodò Gabriele” award: “How did 4 sheep farmers become a holding company worth 40 billion euros a year?”


By John

«The parents of Dodò Gabriele they managed to transform the greatest of pains into an opportunity for redemption for our land.” The said it president of the Juvenile Court of Trento, Giuseppe Spadaroreceiving in Crotone the «Dodò Gabriele» awarddedicated to 9-year-old boy killed by mistake in 2009 in a mafia ambush while watching a soccer match.

«I wonder, however – added Spadaro – and I ask you: in recent decades the State has certainly deployed its best men in Calabria. The best magistrates, the best investigators. And I assure you that this is the case, for what my opinion is worth. But then Why did four sheep farmers who, in the 1970s, kidnapped and cut off ears to make money, have become a holding company that manages over 40 billion euros a year? How is that possible rabble who cannot say two words in a row in Italian have become so strong as to infiltrate everywhere, in Italy and in the world? Is there anyone who can answer me? Well, I believe that something in Calabria and in our country has not gone right». Spadaro, before moving to Trento, worked for 23 years in Calabria and for a period was also president of the criminal section of the Court of Lamezia Terme.