Bluesky, the alternative to X reaches 2 million users


By John

Bluesky, adecentralized social media app alternative to X (formerly Twitter), announced that it had exceeded 2 million users. Two months ago, the platform was stuck at 1 million. Much of the rise, in terms of subscribers and use, is also due to a new round of access, made possible by the company sending the invitation codes necessary for first entry, which could be requested since launch public in spring. According to a communication from the social network, financed by the former founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the next step will be the launch of a web interface, a site from which to control the bulletin board and send new posts, just like what happens with competitors. In fact, to date, Bluesky is only available for iOS and Android. Unlike X, the app uses a decentralized system for managing shared content. At the base there is the so-called At Protocol, a protocol initially developed by Twitter, open-source, i.e. not in the hands of private companies but open and improvable by the users themselves. The network is of a federated type, gathered around servers, including third-party servers, which can be added to keep the structure running. At the moment, Mastodon is the most prominent X-Twitter-like decentralized platform, supports multiple providers and has attracted many journalists and professionals. Bluesky, which recently added, moves along the same lines new features, such as mobile push notifications, email verification, and accessibility improvements.