Botricello children's municipal council, exciting budget for the first legislature


By John

The first legislature of the children's municipal council promoted by the municipality of Botricello and the “Ilaria Alpi” comprehensive institute has ended. The event was held in the conference room in the presence of lower secondary school students who were also protagonists with songs and dances, with the performance of Antonella, Sara, Giacinta and Karol in addition to the choirs.

Among the crucial moments of the day is the delivery of thermal water bottles to all students. This is a project promoted by the kids in the first council year. The group led by the then baby mayor Francesco Viscomi used the municipal contribution of 300 euros and fundraising among the population to carry forward the initiative linked to the “Plasticfree” project. Viscomi underlined the value of the initiative, reiterating the importance of protecting the environment thanks to the fact that pupils will no longer use plastic bottles. Applause was expressed by the “Plasticfree” association represented by Vittorio Falbo. Immediately afterwards he was the current mayor of the boys, Alessandro Tavanoto explain the many initiatives promoted during his mandate, with the city council working to promote reading projects such as the book house installed in the municipal playground.

The school principal Isabella Marchio she complimented the students on the quality of the initiatives implemented, underlining the high value of the children's Municipal Council which was established by the current Municipal Administration after years of interruption. The teacher in charge of the project Concetta Apicella highlighted the commitment of the kids and the importance of this highly educational experience. Mayor Saverio Simone Puccio also expressed words of great appreciation towards the young people: “We strongly wanted the city council because for us it represents a moment of information and discovery of the functioning of the administrative apparatus. We must grow a new ruling class – he added – and to do this we must start from a young age”.

The professor also participated in the final event of the project Luciano Mazzeiwho had coordinated the first experience of the youth municipal council at the end of the nineties and Mariangela Ranieri who served as baby mayor at that time. During the event, the Third C students who won the “PI Greco Day” competition and the student Francesco Valea for the growth path during the three years of study.