Sandokan, the first photos from the set of Lamezia: filming of the new Rai series with Can Yaman begins


By John

Here come the first official shots from the Sandokan setan international event series, produced by Lux Vide, a Fremantle group company, in collaboration with Rai Fiction. Filming is currently underway in Calabria, where the English colony of Labuan was built in Lamezia Terme, with the support of the Film Commission and the Calabria Region. The processing will also take place between Lazio, Tuscany and the island of Reunion. From an idea by Luca Bernabei, the series is a new adaptation of the historic novel saga by Emilio Salgari, which in 1976 had been transposed with enormous success into a television drama, directed by Sergio Sollima, interpreted by Kabir Bedi, Carole André, Adolfo Celi and Philippe Leroy, passed away just a few days ago on June 1st. The new series is developed for television by Alessandro Sermoneta, Scott Rosenbaum and Davide Lantieri, and directed by Jan Maria Michelini and Nicola Abbatangelo. Sandokan will soon be broadcast on Rai1 and will be distributed worldwide by Fremantle International and in Spain by Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group.

The role of Sandokan is entrusted to Can Yaman, joined by newcomer Alanah Bloor in the role of Marianna. With them Ed Westwick in the role of the charming antagonist Lord Brooke, while Alessandro Preziosi lends his face to the iconic Yanez de Gomera, with them also John Hannah. Adventure, passion, revolution and love for nature: these are the colors of Sandokan, the event series that brings the immortal character created by Emilio Salgari. The series goes to the roots of a myth, exploring the origins of the Malayan Tiger and chronicling his trajectory from simple adventurer to pirate prince. In Borneo, a tropical paradise inhabited by the native Dayak tribes, but dominated by the ruthless law of the colonialist English, Sandokan is a pirate who lives from day to day: he fights only for himself and his crew, including his trusty Yanez.

But his life changes when during a raid he meets Marianna, the beautiful daughter of the British consul of Labuan. It is the beginning of an impossible love story between two similar souls: Marianna, of European and noble blood, but with the wild spirit of someone who grew up in a tropical paradise, and Sandokan, pirate and adventurer, who without knowing it brings itself the blood of ancient warrior kings. On their trail will be the legendary pirate hunter Lord James Brooke, who will stop at nothing to capture Sandokan and win Marianna's heart. The protagonists will fight for themselves and for their love, but they will soon understand that they are part of a much bigger story: that of a people who fight for freedom and for the salvation of uncontaminated nature… And this people, the Dayak, seeks a leader who can save them. For this reason Sandokan will be called upon to be much more than a simple pirate: he will have to become the legendary Tiger of Malaysia.