“Bottega del Digitale”, the Reventino-Savuto listening and proposal laboratory thanks to the “Peppe Valarioti” Collective


By John

The analysis and comparison phase relating to the project concluded in recent days Reventino-Savuto | Digital Workshop, promoted by the Calabrian professionals of Collective Think Tank Peppe Valarioti. Funded through the call for youth policies of the Calabria Region, the project created two operational laboratories in Soveria Mannelli (CZ) and Scigliano (CS), in the heart of Reventino-Savuto. The focus of the workshops is on young people from the area who, through their daily experience and their proposals for the development of the places in which they study and work, have produced a true snapshot of the needs of the internal areas of Calabria and a series of suggestions and ideas for counteract its depopulation.

«The internal areas constitute 78% of the Calabrian territory – has explained Giorgia Sorrentinopresident of the Collective -. For almost five years now, we have been analyzing the social, economic and institutional context of these areas, trying to focus on the difficultiesto but also by providing operational proposals: the project Digital Workshopwhich goes precisely in this direction, has placed the'importance of defining and implementing strategies on Digital Policies più suitable for the territories so thatAndthanks to new technologies, we can build the conditions to counteract the'emigration from internal areas».

Students from the school were involved in the workshops.ITS L. Costanzo, Soveria Mannelli complex, and the boys and girls of the Universal Civil Service who operate between Scigliano, Bianchi, Panettieri and Colosimi for a total of around 50 young and very young people. The workshops, conducted by the Collective's professionals, were created with the collaboration of Communityto Southern Project he was born in GAL dei Due Mari. Partners of the project are also the Municipalities of Scigliano And Soveria Mannelli: «We want to thank our institutional partners. It took months of work to complete the project and their contribution And was important, demonstrating how these initiatives can become realityto only with collaboration – added Sorrentino -. But above all we want to thank the boys and girls for'enthusiasm with which they took part in the workshops. We found young men and young women eager to exchange ideas, with a strong sense of communityto and the desire to be protagonists of the future of their territory: this project has shown us that c'And a strong social fabric, which loves its land and believes in its development. AND It is necessary for political decision makers to take note of this and listen to the territories before defining ideas and strategies».

In the coming weeks, the Collective will put together the analyzes and proposals emerging from the workshops. Subsequently, the results of this work will be officially presented in an open meeting designed, mainly, to provide Calabrian political decision-makers with updated data and development prospects coming directly from the territories involved.