Breeders, enthusiasm and great participation in Catanzaro for the first edition of “Buca-the good of Calabria”


By John

Enthusiasm and great participation for the first edition of BUCA-Il Buono di CAlabria, the initiative promoted by ARA Calabriaregional breeders association, and from Producer Organizations (Assolac Agri-food of Castrovillari, Association of Sheep-Goat Producers of Calabria of Crotone, A.Pro.Zoo of Montalto Uffugo, APZ of Crotone, Regional Pig Association of Figline Vegliaturo, Cereal Milk of Cutro, Fattoria della Piana di Candidoni, Agricultural Cooperative Society The Sheepfold of Cirene of Squillace), in collaboration with the“Vittorio Emanuele II” Higher Education Institute and the “Ugo Caridi” prison of Catanzaro.

Enhance the milk and meat of Calabria: the objective of the event held at the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park of Catanzaro.

It was an intense morning dedicated to the rediscovery of the flavors of livestock products made in Calabria. Inside the IIS “Vittorio Emanuele II” a guided tasting was organized for the students by the school’s students who for the occasion played the role of “taste guides” and made them experience the goodness of a healthy snack with bread, cheese and salami. Activity carried out as part of the celebrations of the centenary of the IIS “Vittorio Emanuele II” winery.

The conference dedicated to the importance of valorising Calabrian milk and meat took place at the Musmi museum. The meeting was opened by the president and director of ARA, respectively Michele Colucci And Filomena Citraro. “We are very satisfied and proud of the excellent success of the event – ​​they declared – An extraordinary networking effort was carried out, everyone felt part of this project and worked towards the success of an event that aims to continue the its path and grow more and more.”

Strong echo for the words expressed by the regional councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Gallowhich underlined the value and importance of the work of ARA Calabria and of a sector, that of zootechnics, guardian of tradition but which also looks to the future and is growing a lot in Calabria and encouraged us to “raise the objectives, aim up and aiming for quality.”

The presence and closeness of the Region is therefore significant, also with the careful and targeted reports of the general director of the Department of Agriculture, Agri-food Resources and Forestry of the Calabria Region, Giacomo Giovinazzoand the manager of the Environment and Livestock sector, Giovanni Pandullo.

Speakers: the director of the IIS “Vittorio Emanuele II”, Rita Elia; the director of the “Ugo Caridi” prison in Catanzaro, Patrizia Delfino; the president of the Regional Council, Filippo Mancuso; the president of the Province, Amedeo Mormile; the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita; the professor Domenico Britti of the Department of Health Sciences of the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro; the regional director of Coldiretti, Pietro Bozzo; the president of Confagricoltura Catanzaro, Walter Placida; the vice president of Copagri Calabria, Francesco Barretta; the director of the CIA Calabria, Franco Belmonte.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior also sent their greetings, demonstrating interest and attention, Wanda Ferroand the director of the Regional School Office, Antonella Iunti,

The focal point was the signing of the memorandum of understanding between ARA Calabria, Producers’ Organizations and the Provincial Chefs Association which will lead to greater valorisation of Calabrian livestock products by the regional chefs belonging to the representative association.

“We are honored by this collaboration – he said Domenico Origliapresident of the Provincial Chefs Association – and we are ready to carry out many initiatives with ARA Calabria and Producer Organizations to raise awareness of the goodness of Calabria.”

The event ended with the tasting of the dishes prepared by the hotel school section of the “Ugo Caridi” prison with the products of the Producers’ Organizations.