Fedez’s response to Giorgia Meloni’s words against his wife Chiara Ferragni: “Are influencers a priority, prime minister?”


By John

«I haven’t spoken so far because the matter doesn’t concern me, my wife is an independent woman and I don’t want to overdetermine anyone and she herself has declared that she will contest this thing. Despite this and despite the fact that I am not involved in this matter, obviously I took a lot of shit…, being my wife therefore I was labeled as a scammer and everything I do with my foundation in the world of charity has been defined as opaque , smoky. First of all, I want to say that they are two different things, you see us as one, it’s me and I have a foundation, it’s a social budget that is public, totally transparent, so I’m perplexed that everything I’ve done in the world of charity is being called into question. ». Fedez entrusts his response to the prime minister to a long video message on Instagram Giorgia Meloni who attacked Atreju’s wife Chiara Ferragni for the affair of the Antitrust fine for the ‘designer’ Balocco pandoro. «A rather singular event is that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni decided to speak from the stage about her fantastic party party, about the country’s priorities – says Fedez – did she talk about youth unemployment? No. The financial maneuver they’re doing with the c… and they haven’t finished yet? No. About the tax burden? No. She decided to say ‘be wary of people who work on the web’. This is the priority of our Prime Minister: ‘be wary of people who are on the web’ – says Fedez again – which makes me understand that this event has in some way received political attention because it is a priority for our Prime Minister. He makes me smile”, he continues, “when we are the ones who should be wary of you politicians because of all the history and history”.
In his reply to Meloni Fedez then recalls that «during the pandemic my wife and I raised funds for 4 million euros and in 10 days we built a 150-bed intensive care unit which saved lives on the spot. Do you know how much the government and the Lombardy Region spent – asks the artist and influencer – to build the same intensive care unit, with the same beds, which came into operation a myriad of months later? 10 million euros to treat perhaps a third, a quarter, a tenth of the people we treated. And you should distrust us and not the other way around?”. He then reminds Meloni «of another thing: during the pandemic there was a category, the entertainment workers, who were completely forgotten by the State and no specific help was given. Does he know how much the Mibact raised for these workers in a year? Half a million euros. In 10 days, closed in the house day and night, three million euros – she underlines – and do you know how many I collected in a year? Seven million euros, which I distributed together with Cesvi to feed families who no longer had work. And where were you?” she asks.
«And then we want to really be wary of the network when his government, from January 2023, had to make implementing decrees on the psychologist bonus, and to do so it took 300 thousand people” who “signed a petition” after which “the minister released the bonus. It seems to me that the web needs to wake you up every now and then.”
Then he returns to talk about what he calls “the elephant in the room”, the controversy triggered by the prime minister in Atreju. «My wife will defend herself in the appropriate forums, also because my wife, unlike the people who make up her party, has not been able to benefit from parliamentary immunity, like the Honorable Santanchè and therefore she will pay, if she has to pay and she will defend herself because she must defend.”