Businesses increasing in 2023 compared to the previous year, here are the details of the report from the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo


By John

The presentation event of the economic report of the three provinces under the jurisdiction of the chamber of commerce, drawn up with the contribution of the Study Center of the Chambers of Commerce “Guglielmo Tagliacarne”, took place yesterday in the Crotone headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia. ”. The initiative, which mainly has an informative purpose, is part of the organisation’s strategies aimed at contributing to and increasing knowledge of the development dynamics of the territorial economic system.

It was a fruitful and intense morning of work which involved authoritative representatives from the world of institutions, trade associations, professional associations, trade unions and business organizations and the media.

“We can well understand the importance for the territory and for institutional decision makers of the value of periodic surveys and analyzes promptly carried out by the Chamber of Commerce” he commented Pietro Falbo, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia, opening the proceedings. “The presentation of the economic report is an opportunity for discussion with the protagonists of the business and social world with the aim of planning and undertaking growth and development actions”.

The institutional greetings were followed by those of the municipal councilor Maria Bruni who brought greetings from the mayor of Crotone and thanked the Chamber of Commerce for the invitation, underlining how socio-economic information is essential for the local administration too for the planning of activities linked to the development of the territory.

The secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce introduced and exposed the data contained in the report, Ciro Di Levawho specified how the body is always committed to economic information also thanks to the business register, kept by the Chambers of Commerce, which in addition to fulfilling the essential role of legal advertising, represents an indispensable source of information for understanding the entrepreneurial dynamics.

The focus dedicated to the economy of the province of Crotone was illustrated by Maria Monti of the Research Office of the Crotone Chamber of Commerce. From what emerged, on the one hand, the gap with the rest of the country in many of the areas analyzed is confirmed, on the other hand encouraging signs are offered due to the dynamism of the registered companies (+0.7% of active companies in 2023 compared to the previous year) and to the positive trend of some drivers including exports which, although still limited in absolute terms, recorded a significant increase in the third quarter of 2023 (+41.6%) and tourism which after the pandemic crisis recorded a good start.

The event, moderated by the journalist Francesco Sibillacontinued with the intervention of the regional councilor Antonello Talerico which underlined the importance of intervening in a synergistic manner at a regional level in order to have a positive impact on the recovery of positions that still distance us from the rest of the country.

The works were concluded by the intervention of the extraordinary commissioner for reclamation, Emilio Errigowho expressed satisfaction with the commitment of the institutions and organizations of the territory, which by cooperating can all actively contribute to the socio-economic relaunch of the territory, expressing, at the same time, his firm will to fully implement the mandate received and committing himself to starting the activities of reclamation within the next six months.