Villella, PD national assembly: “The PD is in embarrassing conditions. Irto should go and camp in Corigliano Rossano”


By John

“Finally, a clear turning point is needed compared to the long commissioner management of the Calabrian PD. The private logic of the party must be abolished, restoring the roles and function of political direction. In the absence of this, things will get worse and worse. The results cannot be erased disastrous results of the last regional elections. Yet, it was enough to understand the causes of the sensational defeats in Crotone and San Giovanni in Fiore, historic strongholds of the left, to understand the nature of the errors that were being reiterated. Corigliano Rossano is clear proof of the continuing stasis. we can continue to remain silent. Anyone who continues to do so is an interested accomplice. I continue to fight to try to save our history.” He stated this, in a note, Bruno Villella, member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party.

“It is in this spirit – continued Villella – that I appeal to the regional secretary of the Calabrian PD, Nicola Irto. Because, in the face of yet another disaster, I clearly intend to urge the exercise of a role that must be restored in its essence and in its function of maximum responsibility to protect our regional community. Because, in the absence of this, due to the way we are continuing to pay the price, the reasons for belonging to a community are lost. A condition that we also atoned for in the last political elections. A disastrous defeat with connotations specific to the specificity of the crisis of the Calabrian party. In fact, Calabria is among the very few regions where the result was even worse than that of the 2018 policies, with over 24 percentage points less. We are down to 100,000 votes. An impressive figure that underlies a function of political marginality, which is even more substantiated in urban areas where consensus is now permanently reduced to a single figure! A drama that makes those who think they can ignore it by not addressing it ridiculous. So, what to do? The important thing is that we have the awareness that we need to start doing.”

According to Villella, “we cannot continue to float in a pond that risks becoming increasingly putrid and lacking in water. We need signals, starting from the application of the most elementary rules of coexistence and protection of political action. Enough with the little novels dictated by miserable conveniences and with pharisaical appeals to responsibility, intent exclusively on preventing the drivers from being disturbed. It’s a pantomime, let’s stop it. Responsible is whoever shows awareness of this disaster and contributes to identifying the causes and takes responsibility for initiating political processes of true recovery. Irresponsible and inadequate are those who, in a secrecy manner, are continuing to preserve the existing squalidness, inspired exclusively by logic aimed at personal salvation, at most group-mongering. These are processes that have consolidated in the last five years and are therefore not easy to eradicate. But the Calabrian PD no longer has time, it must change pace so as not to die. It is clear that those who continue to oppose it is not enough to denounce their responsibilities, the problem of compatibility arises.”