Calabria, here is the repertoire of school building needs


By John

“From November 1st the application will be active which will allow the Region to survey the needs of theregional school buildings. The regional directory of school building needs strongly desired by the Calabria Region is a reality”.

The vice president with responsibility for the branch communicated this with a specific note addressed to the mayors, presidents of the province and metropolitan city. Giusi Princi.

“The regional directory of school building needs – explained Princi in the letter -, proposed by the Calabria Region at the State-Regions Conference and adopted throughout the country, with a unanimous vote of the entire commission, will be the important tool from which, from now on, the Region will draw upon it to plan and allocate resources for school construction. I therefore invite each body to update the requested survey, which in addition to allowing the infrastructure and public works department, construction sector, to update the school building register of each municipality in the region and, whose data, in many cases, are currently incomplete, will allow the allocation of financial resources, in a functional way to the declared needs and the right priorities that we want to guarantee in relation to emergencies”.

Vice President Princi, in thanking the general director of the infrastructure department, Claudio Moroni, and the sector manager, Francesco Tarsia, for the precious work carried out together with all the officials, invited the entities to collaborate, informing that the construction sector staff is available to support the Administrations, whose interest is certain “considering – he wrote – the centrality of the issue of school construction in Calabria”.