Calabria, notice of machinery and plants: final rankings approved


By John

“The definitive rankings for the granting of individual aid to companies eligible for contribution under the Machinery and Plant Notice have been approved”.

This is what the councilor for economic development and cultural attractions communicates, Rosario Vari.

The rankings in question, approved by the Department of Economic Development and Cultural Attractors, with decree no. 7807 of 6 June 2024, relate to applications received from number 1 to number 600, examined by the Evaluation Committee following the chronological order of presentation and taking into account the available financial resources.

In order to guarantee the possibility of admission to financing for all the applications received in total, the Regional Department, following the direction of councilor Varì, has requested an increase in the financial allocation of the Notice and the Evaluation Committee is proceeding with the examination of the remaining instances whose outcomes will be subject to a subsequent ranking.

Councilor Varì expresses satisfaction for this important stage “which – he states -, a few months after the publication of the Notice, records the definitive granting of concessions in favor of the numerous projects admitted”.

We have welcomed the great support of the productive fabric to the Notice – continues Varì – by immediately increasing the initial allocation, which we are now further increasing to allow the financing of all eligible instances.

The Notice allowed Calabrian companies to equip themselves, thanks to a non-refundable regional contribution of between 50 and 60% of the investment, with innovative systems to be competitive and place sustainable and excellent production on the market.

We have thus begun to spend the resources of the new programming under Pr 21-27, resulting in investments in the area of ​​approximately 130 million euros in systems and machinery to support the energy and digital transition.

The Notice, both in consideration of the success achieved and in light of the multi-year planning desired by the regional government, will be announced again in October 2025″.

“This measure – concludes Varì – as well as the call for advanced services and the one in favor of internationalization actions, already in the implementation phase, will soon be joined by another important instrument, the Business Competitiveness Fund, a revolving fund, with a mix of non-repayable funds and subsidized financing, to support Calabrian companies that want to make new productive investments in all sectors, including tourism”.

With the decree approving the rankings, the guidelines for the reporting of investments and for the provision of benefits were also approved.
The document contains a set of summary information and recommendations – consistent with the provisions set out in the Notice – to be followed in the investment reporting and disbursement phase of the grants granted, in order to facilitate their implementation by the beneficiaries.

The definitive rankings and guidelines can be consulted at the link: -pmi/.
At the same link on the Calabria Europa portal there is the reference form, as well as all the information dedicated to the Notice.