Reggio, worker ends up in a wheelchair: the company adapts the infrastructure to keep him working


By John

To guarantee continuity of employment for a worker affected by a pathology that has forced him to use a wheelchair, the Messineo plant in Reggio Calabria adapts the infrastructure and allows him to return to work and continue doing it. They made this known in a press release, Umberto Calabrone And Luca Borghettiof the Fiom CGIL of Calabria, e Lino Messineoof the RSU of Hitachi of Reggio.

“In an extremely positive climate, thanks also to the sensitivity demonstrated by the HR management manager, Antonio Assanteand the plant manager, Paolo Franci, of the Hitachi of Reggio Calabria – say the trade unionists of Fiom Cgil -, we managed to guarantee employment continuity for our colleague Bruno. This is the concrete demonstration of how the values ​​of inclusion, respect and valorisation of the skills of each individual employee can be put in a position to express themselves. The adaptation of infrastructure and workstations, the adoption of assistive technologies and specific training are actions that go beyond the simple compliance with regulations and represent a real commitment to creating a fair working environment accessible to all. It is an example of how constant discussion between the parties can bring maximum benefit not only to individual workers, but to the entire corporate community. Bruno's story is a testimony to how, with the right attention and the right resources, it is possible to break down barriers, not just architectural onesand guarantee equal opportunities for all. Too often companies take refuge behind lack of suitability for work to remove employees in difficulty. We hope that this concrete example in Hitachi can inspire other working realities.”

“Thank you again to everyone – continue the trade unionists – for their commitment and dedication. We will continue to work together so that every worker can feel valued and supported in their professional career. We would like to thank, in particular, the workers of Hitachi Reggio Calabria who with their support they managed to create a climate of welcome and solidarity.”