Calabria Region, approval from the Council for the valorisation of the Blue Flag locations, the increase in the Fuif, the approval of the budgets of Parco Serre and Calabria Verde


By John

The Council of the Calabria Region, in today’s session, on the proposal of the president, Roberto Occhiuto, approved the act of direction for the valorisation of tourist-seaside resorts with Blue Flag recognition. The resolution provides for interventions aimed at increasing extra-regional, national and international tourist attractiveness, broadening the motivations for traveling to the destination Calabria.

On the recommendation of the Councilor for Economic Development and Cultural Attractors, Rosario Vari, the document updating the Exit strategy was then approved on the use of resources deriving from the revolving funds included in the financial engineering instrument called the Single Regional Financial Engineering Fund (Fuif). It was also decided to increase the financial endowment of the Fuif to approximately 36 million euros, increasing it by a further 9,695,616.00 euros of resources returned to the so-called Single Regional Financial Engineering Fund of the closed community program Por Calabria Fesr 2007-2013 .

In economic matters, on the proposal of the Councilor for Economy and Finance Marcello Minennathe 2024-2026 forecast budget of the Serre Regional Natural Park was approved, the 2023 financial statement of the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (Arpacal), the financial statement for the years 2020 and 2021 of the Calabria Verde company.