Calabria, stop from Occhiuto on autonomy: «Lep and funds before the green light»


By John

The debate on the approval of the law on differentiated autonomy which the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli, wants to approve as quickly as possible and before the Essential Performance Levels (Lep) and the related funds and standard costs are defined. An intention that the Northern League representative released to the press on which the president of the Calabria Region responded the following day, Roberto Occhiuto, bluntly defining this idea as “absurd”.
Evidently the head of the department intends to close the discussion before the debate on the premiership gets to the heart of the matter and, therefore, any plan for reform could end up in the many institutional whirlpools that have characterized the history of the Republic. Ultimately, his reasoning is, “the guarantee of the Lep’s resources is in the Constitution: the State is required to finance that essential level of provision and service”. Statements which, however, startle Occhiuto, who had been given many other guarantees, even on public occasions, so much so that he described differentiated autonomy as “an opportunity for Calabria”, for example on the energy front.