Carlo Conti will host the Sanremo Festival for the next two years


By John

Will be Carlo Conti the new artistic director and host of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. A unanimous decision by the company's top management, the CEO Roberto Sergio and the General Director Giampaolo Rossi in consultation with the Prime Time Entertainment Director Marcello Ciannamea. For the next two years – underlines a note from Rai – Conti will be at the helm of the most important national multimedia event organized by Rai and the Municipality of Sanremo.

«The tom tom has already started, my phone is ringing. I'm very pleased: the numbers add up.” jokes an excited Carlo Conti commenting, live on Tg1, the news that Rai has chosen him as host and artistic director of Sanremo for the next two years. «I'm returning to Sanremo after seven years, I will try to resume the work done and carried forward to great effect by the two editions of Baglioni and to great effect by the five editions of Amadeus. Music as always at the centre, the current one, which is popular, we hope to do a good job and continue the wonderful tradition of this event which brings everyone together, the whole family in front of the TV”, underlines Conti, revealing that the first to Fiorello wrote to him: «If we had been on the air, he wrote, we would have had a lot of fun». «I accepted thanks to the great affection of our company, from the CEO to the general manager to the entertainment director, up to the cleaning lady, the cameramen, the technicians, I felt this support for me that made me say: we'll be back», he adds Accounts. «For the next two years I will be the artistic director, moreover it is also a nice way to celebrate my first 40 years of Rai, the first contract dates back to June 1985».

«It's official from today, we start working and there are very specific steps: now there is the most important thing, the regulations, then we will start listening to the songs of the new proposals, then those of the big names and lastly I will try to understanding the team with me on stage for the presentation and all the guests and what comes from it.” Will our lifelong friends Pieraccioni and Panariello be there? “I don't think so, at least not in permanent presence, I think I'll go ahead with the idea of ​​alternating something different every evening, and then we do too many things together, I can hardly stand those two anymore”, replies the host with a laugh Then, in connection with Cannes, the greeting to Paolo Sommaruga who will also be sent to the festival: «I will face this commitment with lightness and fun – Conti tells him – ready for your terrace», in some way heir to Vincenzo Mollica's little balcony: « If I always think of Sanremo, its little balcony and the connections before the festival, now I will have the honor of repeating it with you”, Conti.