Tutino and the Seal of Cosenza, Mayor Caruso: “The city and the province love you”. Guarascio: “We work to keep him with us”


By John

On the day of the delivery ceremony of the City Seal to Gennaro TutinoMayor Franz Caruso he spares no advice to the president Eugenio Guarascio: “We see this representative hall so packed only on some occasions. There is a city that has followed and always follows the fate of our favorite city. Cosenza and the province love you. They thank president Guarascio, the club and the team for having achieved salvation before the end of the championship. If there hadn't been some injuries today, perhaps, we would have had to postpone the ceremony… We hope to make a dream called Serie A come true. And to do it together in Tutino, which from today is his second city. President, for what it's worth, I give you the mandate to redeem Tutino! He and Viali are a guarantee to be able to aspire to achieve important goals.”

Guarascio's response was not long in coming: “I am happy to participate in this event. Cosenza has always held to the values ​​of sport and today seals this concept. Tutino embodies precisely these values. He took us to Serie B and now he wanted to come back, no one begged him. We are working to have Tutino with us again.” This was enough to unleash the fans present in the reception hall.