Complete guide to IRPEF 2024 for employees: consult brackets, bonuses and taxes


By John

Complete guide to IRPEF 2024 for employees: brackets, bonuses and taxes.

The year 2024 brings with it important changes for the IRPEF, the personal income tax. The reform, launched by the Meloni Government, aims to simplify the tax system, reduce the tax burden for medium-low incomes and increase equity.

This complete guide provides a detailed overview of the new rates, income brackets, no tax area, deductions and supplementary treatment, with concrete examples and tables to facilitate understanding of the new rules.

The new features introduced for 2024:

  • The first income bracket has been expanded from 15,000 euros to 28,000 euros, with a rate of 23%.
  • Increase in the no tax area for employees:

    • The no tax area for employees has been raised to 8,500 euros, in line with that already foreseen for pensioners.
  • Adjustment to deductions and supplementary treatment:

    • The deductions for employed work have been modified to adapt them to the new no tax area.
    • The supplementary treatment, the Renzi bonus of 100 euros in the pay slip, has been confirmed for 2024.
  • Calculation of IRPEF 2024:

    The 2024 IRPEF calculation follows the same rules as 2023, with some changes due to the new features introduced. To calculate the tax due, you need:

    1. Determine your taxable income:

    • Subtract deductible expenses from gross income, such as social security and welfare contributions.

    2. Apply IRPEF rates:

    • 23% up to 28,000 euros;
    • 35% from 28,001 to 50,000 euros;
    • 43% over 50,000 euros.

    3. Subtract tax deductions:

    • Deduction for employee work;
    • Deductions for dependent family members;
    • Deductions for medical expenses;
    • Mortgage interest deductions;
    • etc.

    Calculation example:

    An employee with a gross income of 30,000 euros will pay an IRPEF of:

    • 23% on 28,000 euros = 6,440 euros;
    • 35% on 2,000 euros (30,000 – 28,000) = 700 euros.

    Total IRPEF: 6,440 euros + 700 euros = 7,140 euros.

    Summary table: