Cars stolen in Messina and dismantled in a villa in Zafferana Etnea


By John

The carabinieri of the Zafferana Etnea station reported two men, aged 26 and 27, for receiving stolen goods. they were in a private villa intent on dismantling parts of stolen cars with a flex. On site, in addition to cannibalized cars, they found a Fiat Panda that they were cutting up, but which still had the license plate, and a Fiat 500 that was still intact. The two cars were found stolen in recent days in Messina. The investigations were also extended to the house and the police ascertained that the villa had been rented by the father of one of the two young people, a 50-year-old who was reported for complicity in receiving stolen goods. The area was seized. The owner of the Fiat 500, however, the only car not yet destroyed, was immediately contacted by the Carabinieri and immediately reached Zafferana Etnea to recover the vehicle he believed he had lost forever.