Differentiated Autonomy is law, definitive green light from the Chamber with 172 votes


By John

After a long nocturnal marathon, the second and definitive yes to the bill onAutonomy. The Montecitorio Chamber in fact approved the measure with 172 yes votes, 99 votes against and 1 abstention. Now it’s law.

The Government’s position

The government with Minister Roberto Calderoli gave a favorable opinion on the four agendas presented by Forza Italia on differentiated autonomy. The agendas are signed by the Italian group leader Paolo Barelli, by his deputy Raffaele Nevi, by the president of the Constitutional Affairs commission, Nazario Pagano, and by one of the speakers of the text, Paolo Emilio Russo. Forza Italia commits the government «to evaluate the opportunity to foresee, before proceeding with the stipulation of agreements which provide for the attribution of functions relating to further forms and particular conditions of Autonomy on the matters excluded from the determination of the Lep – we read in one of the four agendas – the preparation of an impact analysis of the regulation that takes into account the evaluation of the effects of the hypotheses of regional legislative and regulatory intervention, as well as general administrative, programming or planning acts, affecting the activities of citizens and businesses and on the organization and functioning of public administrations, also through comparison of alternative options, taking into account the need to ensure the correct competitive functioning of the market, the protection of individual freedoms, and the maintenance of the general principles of the legal system, to be presented to the Examination rooms according to the respective regulations.” “It is appropriate – we read further – to monitor extremely carefully so that social and civil rights are guaranteed to all citizens throughout the national territory”.