Cassano, the boss' villa becomes a building for social use for people with reduced mobility


By John

The funds are confirmed and the tender for the renovation is called: the property confiscated Villa Forastefano will be officially transformed into a “After Us” center for people with reduced mobility. The project had been questioned in recent months: after the remodulation of some Pnrr funds, it was not clear whether the Government would revoke the funds for the redevelopment of those confiscated assets including the villa located in Doria. The controversy erupted around the turn of last August, the Government and the Region were quick to clarify that the funding sources would be replaced but, until recently, the projects had been frozen. A doubt recently dispelled and in fact in recent days the single purchasing body of the municipality of Cassano has announced the tender for the redevelopment of the property. The amount of the intervention amounts to 698 thousand euros. The funds will be used to transform “Villa Forastefano”, an asset confiscated from the 'Ndrangheta in a center for people with reduced mobility “After us”. The renovation project for the adaptation and transformation of the existing housing structure was drawn up and approved in March last year.