Fratoianni's electoral tour in Calabria: “Let's build the alternative to this terrible right”


By John

«Yesterday the Council of Ministers approved yet another electoral scam, this time for Forza after they had done the one for the League with differentiated autonomy and the one for Fratelli d'Italia with the premiership. The public interest is being sold out in the name of the privilege of a few and this is not good.” He said it Nicola Fratoiannisecretary of Italian Left meeting journalists in Catanzaro, the first stage of an electoral tour that will take him in the afternoon to Vibo Valentia and Corigliano Rossano where voting will also take place for the local elections.

«Now with the separation of careers – added Fratoianni – another very hard blow is being dealt to the autonomy and independence of the judiciary while the moral question explodes again and explodes again in the worst way and that is, as always, putting the interests first of a few, of someone with respect to the general interest”.

Seaside affair calls into question respect for democracy

«The issue of beach concessions is not just a question of complying with the rules, it is a question of respecting democracy, of defending common goods. And this is also why it is a central issue for us. In our opinion, common goods should be understood as a guarantee, for all, of being able to access rights, opportunities and possibilities.” The beach resort affair – added Fratoianni – is linked to the European discourse but is above all linked to an issue that has to do with democracy. Yesterday, for this reason, we announced the filing of a bill to guarantee that at least 70% of our coast is free and returned to the right of Italians to go to the sea.” «There are areas of the country – added the deputy of the Green Left Alliance – where this problem is fortunately less felt like Calabria, but there are entire areas where a normal family, and we are not talking about poor or particularly weak people, he cannot go to the seaside with his children. He can't afford it. I find this to be violence in a country like ours which is a peninsula and which has thousands of kilometers of coastline even if Meloni uses a trick to even try to extend these kilometers to stay within European limits.”

“The priority is to build an alternative to the terrible right”

«Apart from adjectives, I am not passionate about the definitions of wide, fair, narrow, straight or reversed. I am interested in working towards convergence and building a coalition capable of offering an alternative to a terrible right. This is the point.” The leader of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni said this when answering a question on the future of the wide field. «On all fundamental issues – added Fratoianni – the right is taking the country backwards, dismantling the citizen's income, saying no to the legal minimum wage, lengthening the chain of contracts and subcontracts, hitting education, while public health is dismantled piece by piece.” «We are talking about decisive issues – underlines the leader of the Italian Left – for the lives of women and men of flesh and blood. And therefore sending away the right and having a government of a different nature is a priority. This is why we will work with great determination to build a coalition capable of doing so. And that's not to say we don't have our own ideas. Indeed, we are also used to saying what we think without mincing words.”

“Our candidates are in themselves a political manifesto, a program”

«Mimmo Lucano's candidacy speaks of an idea of ​​Europe, of a different Europe as demonstrated by Maria Pia Funaro's candidacy. These are candidatures which are in themselves a political manifesto, a programme. They talk about a way of understanding politics that puts the interests of citizens at the centre, the general interest before the particular one. And I say this while the moral question is exploding again in this country.” «The next electoral consultations – added the leader of the Italian Left – are important because they serve to give answers on the Europe we want but also on this country and on this South. These are elections that will also say a lot with respect to the projects that are often advanced not in the interest of the majority of citizens: one above all that ugly thing that with a euphemism they call differentiated autonomy and which should be called 'Split Italy'. Fratoianni, accompanied by the regional secretary of the Italian Left Fernando Pignataro and by the candidate for the European elections Maria Pia Funaro, former vice mayor of Cosenza, then met leaders and militants illustrating the positions of the Green Left Alliance on rights, solidarity and the fight against war and what he called 'escalation of belligerence. «We are in the field – added the SI leader – because we want a cohesive, united Europe capable of playing a leading role in a complicated and terrible world like the one we have before us. Doing so also means keeping the countries that are part of it united, keeping this nation united and cohesive in the interest of all citizens and beating the growing inequality.”