Castell’Umberto, great day of sport with the champion of Italy ’90 Totò Schillaci


By John

A great sporting event experienced by the town of Nebrodi, due to the presence of the champion from Palermo Toto Schillaci who spent the whole Tuesday afternoon until late evening between the town center and the populous district of Sfaranda. An appointment, which among other things was part of the Umbertine summer events.

The event was organized by the municipal administration, led by the mayor Verónica Armeli with the collaboration of the two sports clubs Sfarandina and Castell’Umberto and the great intermediation work of Daniel Scurria. The champion from Palermo arrived in Castell’Umberto in the very early afternoon and after the institutional greetings, at the town hall with the mayor Armeli, the junta and the municipal councillors, he greeted the many fans present.

Subsequently, the Italia ’90 world striker moved to the hamlet of Sfaranda where a press conference was held, which was also attended by the first Umbertine citizen Armeli and Danilo Scurria, as well as several journalists. Very helpful, the street urchin from Palermo, recounted and retraced his football career, also through videos, answering various questions from those present, including many young football promises. The obvious ending was that of many photos with everyone present, with a recommendation to the young people, repeated several times during the evening “stay away from bad company and always prefer a football match”. To close the evening the kick-off of the soccer tournament between the soccer schools of Umbertina and Sfarandina and two of the Nebrodi district.

Totò Schillaci, born in Palermo in 1964, made his debut in the youth teams of Amat Palermo. In 1982 he moved to Messina, which was then playing in Serie C2 and after 7 championships between C2, C1 and Serie B, he left Sicily and landed in Juventus in 1989. The years in Inter are also important. His first call-up to the national team dates back to 1990, thanks to the blue coach Azelio Vicini. To our questions for the Gazzetta del Sud, Schillaci, with shining eyes, replied that he was happy with this day at Castell’Umberto (I had been there in training camp when I was playing for Messina, he whispered ndc), “I am particularly moved by the he welcome from Mayor Armeli and from the people of this community, I can only say that today’s emotions and sensations I define as “worldwide”.

I hope to go back, he continued, perhaps as I suggested to the mayor for the inauguration of the synthetic turf sports field”. Just the mayor Armeli, explained to us that for the field, she will commit herself in this sense, underlining that “Schillaci’s presence in the country is an important sign, given that the participation of the Sicilian champion in the 1990 World Cup had been and always remains for everyone as a redemption, a sign that translates that in life if you want to achieve something, with perseverance and commitment, sooner or later it will come”.