Catanzaro also excels in archery, the “Asd Arcieri club Lido” received in the Municipality by the Sports councilor, Nunzio Belcaro


By John

The Sports Councilor, Nunzio Belcaro, said it just a couple of days ago: the city is experiencing an exciting sporting season in many disciplines. And this is so, if it is true, as it is true, that the group of athletes from Catanzaro who are achieving success is increasingly numerous.

The last in order of time to be received in the Municipality of Belcaro were the girls and boys of the “ASD Arcieri Club Lido”, the first club in Calabria to have won the stars for sporting merit in the discipline. The first, bronze, awarded in 2020 and the second, this time silver, two years later. Awards that have been added to the 38 Italian records held.

In the meeting at Palazzo De Nobili with the Sports Councilor, the following received a medal and a scroll for the results achieved and for having brought prestige to the City: Francesco Poerio Pierà, European champion for student and junior team plates; Anastasia Poerio PieràItalian “Campagna” champion and Italian record holder; Samantha Falcone; Ludovica Fabio; Viola Munizza; Letizia Canino And Vittoria V. Chiarellaall for Italian titles and records.

Athletes of the “ASD Arcieri Club Lido” were accompanied by the technicians Edoardo Poerio Pierà, Giuseppe Messina And Pasquale Demasi. To the latter, the councilor presented a plaque on behalf of the municipal administration for the successes achieved and for the prestige given to the city through passion and commitment in the sporting field.

Before handing out the awards, Belcaro thanked those present, underlining the Municipality's commitment “to giving visibility to all those whose competitive activity has achieved significant goals at a local and then national level. We know – said the councilor – that there are different sports in terms of following and number of fans, but this does not mean at all that football is worth more than other disciplines. For us, everything that makes us proud as a city is equally valid and every success, wherever it comes from, deserves to be known and valued. We are working – he concluded – to move from the recognition phase to a more concrete one, in which collaboration with sports clubs can develop all the pedagogical and social potential that sport possesses”.