Catanzaro also wants to show off its muscles at Cittadella: Vivarini doesn’t suffer from vertigo


By John

A polish to self-esteem, awareness and – why not? – also to the ambitions of Catanzaro. The draw in Bari is worth more than just a point in the standings. For how the team was able to impose itself first and suffer afterwards (not too much, to be honest). For how he interpreted and handled the general script. Obviously because of how he reacted to the defeat against Parma and the advantage of the Apulians. With Vivarini’s moves that defeated Mignani and some unexpected protagonists – from Sounas to Katseris to Verna – to interrupt the negative streak of four knockouts at the “San Nicola”.
The Eagles continue to amaze those who haven’t seen them play in the last year and a half: on Sunday Bari fans and insiders were left speechless throughout the first half; the boos given to the home favorites from the stands at half-time were eloquent. The Apulians had to win at all costs, if they didn’t do it it was also – above all – due to the merits of Catanzaro. In the long-distance duel Vivarini surprised his colleague. Substitutions role by position (Katseris for Situm as right back), but with a different attitude and phase of construction from below than usual: not only the goalkeeper, the two central defenders and the left back, but also the right back participated at the first setting, therefore four men and Fulignati instead of the three plus one of the other races.
Katseris was instructed to stay further back at the start of the action, the opposite of Situm, almost always taller, on the wing or as a midfielder. Mignani admitted that he didn’t expect it and Bari didn’t find a concrete response for the entire first half: that move was the springboard to punish the opponents in the lanes (splendid, for example, the action of the 1-2 partial ) as well as to win the battle in the middle, where Pompetti and Verna, supported by the sacrifice of Biasci and Donnarumma, proved to be an efficient and well-matched couple.
An assist from Vandeputte is no longer newsworthy, even if the ball he put over Sounas’ head to make it 1-1 was calibrated to the millimetre. In theory, not even the goals of Sounas himself and Verna would make the news. However, it was not a given that the Greek could make the difference in the transition from Serie C to Serie B: he proved the skeptics wrong and in Bari he pulled off his best performance in this tournament, with the gem of a header which is a first. at least in the Giallorossi, as well as his center number 13 in 63 games.
As for Verna, midfielder par excellence, he has already equaled his seasonal scoring average: two goals in this tournament, the same as the previous one and his first (out of four) season in Catanzaro. All very heavy. He has never been a simple water carrier, with Vivarini he has improved and increased his involvement in the game and is proving to be very useful with his insertions into the opponent’s area.
Last, but not least, Katseris: the assist to Verna was the icing on a great performance also in terms of tactical application. If the boy is from Bari, with him and Oliveri Vivarini he can very well fill the void left by Situm’s injury.