Catanzaro (Ars) teases Schifani: “Do you criticize the appointments? Of course, they are not his choices … ”


By John

«Does Schifani remember the Sicilians’ problems only when he isn’t the one making an appointment? He ran to distance himself from the appointment of the purification commissioner, a pity he didn’t distance himself from the inaction of the national government of his own political affiliation which, committed to calculating the fate of this sub-government chair well, blocked for months of water purification works and sewage network construction sites throughout the island». This is how Michele Catanzaro, leader of the Pd group at Ars, comments on the position taken by the president of the Region regarding the latest appointments from the national government. “We have said it since the electoral campaign, this right is only interested in dividing up power, rather than solving the problems of the Sicilians”, concludes Catanzaro.