Drama close to Capizzi, a large boulder detaches from the ridge crashing on the asphalt


By John

The worst came close in the late afternoon of today on the ring road in the municipal area of You understand. A large boulder has in fact detached from the rocky ridge, falling for several meters and ending up heavily on the roadway, just outside the inhabited center of the Nebroid municipality. Miraculously, a car that was traveling along the ring road in those moments was avoided by the falling rock. A local woman was traveling in the car together with her daughter, who were fortunately unharmed. Both got away with only an understandable state of shock. “We immediately prepared the first safety intervention in the area by cordoning off the area affected by the collapse – said the mayor Leonardo Giuseppe Principality of Trosso -. Tomorrow morning there will be an inspection by the technicians to evaluate the interventions to be carried out to make the ridge safe”.