Catanzaro “beats cash”: Vibo province since 1992 but debts remain


By John

More than 30 years later, the tripartition of the Province of Catanzaro with the establishment of the Province of Vibo still costs the latter body millions. In fact, while today several Municipalities are fighting for the exit from the Province of Vibo and the return with Catanzaro, while the national debate often lights up on the usefulness or otherwise of the intermediate bodies – even fearing their abolition -, the reality of the facts emerges problem after problem from a distant past.
After a series of discussions, the two boards approved an out-of-court settlement agreement in 2021. The sum owed by the Province of Vibo to that of Catanzaro amounts to 4 million euros, to be paid in a first installment of 500 thousand euros (the payment of which took place in December 2022), and in another 20 annual installments of 200 thousand euros each. Sessentially, the Vibo intermediate body will have a debt until 2044.