Catanzaro chasing dreams with Parma


By John

For matches like this, Vivarini and Catanzaro had been working for two years. Since Serie C was a worn out habit and the upper levels of the upper category a dream that seemed unattainable. Even though we are still in the fifth day, the big match against the Parma that the primacy in Serie B may be worth it is the sign that in almost two years the Giallorossi planet has been turned inside out like a sock: with the investments of the club, the sweat of the brow, the ideas and organization of the coach, the qualities of the players and the absolute symbiosis with the fans. Things that haven’t been seen for decades in a city that flies on the wings of enthusiasm.

“It is right that the public should have this excitement, but we must remain with our feet on the ground because we are at the very beginning and Serie B is a very level tournament,” explained Vivarini. on the eve of a challenge to be played in a once again sold-out “Ceravolo”. «I am very happy and proud of our fans, it is up to us to transform this enthusiasm into strength, application and team motivation on the field». A team that deserved it all, this enthusiasm, and that acquired awareness of its capabilities even in a more difficult context than Serie C: «From this point of view, at my debut in Cremona I was a bit afraid because it was the impact on the championship, but I knew that my players could also have their say in Serie B. The important thing is to all be on the same page, to believe in it, we always talk about this, match after match our self-esteem increases and this one against Parma could give us a important push.”

Yes, Parma armored to reach Serie A: «It is strong, among the best equipped, has continuity of work, a coach who knows what to do and how to win championships, young people with great prospects and quality, skill and technique. It will be a good match that we will face with our weapons.” Which are the usual ones: fluid formation (4-4-2 starting) and the same eleven lined up against Lecco, from Pontisso to Biasci, even if all the others, young and experienced, are improving and surprises are not excluded: « Donnarumma is growing a lot, Ambrosino will train at full capacity from Tuesday but we preferred not to call him up out of caution, Veroli did very well in the first two, Krastev and Miranda have the conditions to be ready, Pompetti and D’Andrea are studying the mechanisms, but they have already shown an absolute level, Stoppa in my opinion is the one who will give us a lot of satisfaction even if he now has Vandeputte in front of him.” Against the Emilians, as always, the episodes will be fundamental (“I hope they smile at us”) as well as the tactical and individual duels: “It’s a match that hides many pitfalls because Parma may make us play, but they won’t forgive us for mistakes. They are good in different attitudes, I believe they will come with great tactical attention, not to concede trajectories and spaces, even aggressive and very prepared on our sources of play, so the duel will be on their aggression. But they will also try to play a lot, dribble, impose themselves because they can do it. However, Parma also – concluded Vivarini – has defects that we have analysed, we hope to be able to do what we have to do».