Catanzaro chooses the “keys” for the playoffs


By John

The many reasons to think about an immediate restart. The captain in king size format, the positive competition in attack, the new options on the wings, the very high morale, the serenity of the environment. Catanzaro has everything to make up for the defeat against Reggiana already from the away match in Brescia.
Saturday will be another direct playoff-style clash, more or less like the one the Giallorossi faced and won in Cittadella a month ago, but this time the nerves are much more relaxed than they were in Veneto: because the difference with the Lombards is by ten points; because the knockout in the last round of the championship changed practically nothing in the standings; and above all because Vivarini has several keys to undermine the “Rigamonti”.
Iemmello is the main one: even if he was unsuccessful with the Emilians, the number 9 is in an amazing psycho-physical condition as demonstrated by the quality, variety and importance of the shots scored in the second round, particularly in the last month . It is no coincidence that the Assocalciatori awarded him as a Serie B player in February, and it is no coincidence that he is the second most prolific striker of 2024 behind Pohjanpalo: overall the Finn has scored five more goals, but he has had less impact on away games than Iemmello , on target seven times away from the “Ceravolo”, like Brunori and behind only Raimondo and Coda.
Next to the captain the choices increase. Maybe he suffered from the “treatment” of Szyminski, but Ambrosino in the three previous matches (Cittadella, Bari and Cosenza) had been perfect in terms of connection of the maneuver, reference for the team's outings, quality in the plays (see assist for Biasci at ” Marulla”). The growth of the twenty-year-old has called into question the established hierarchies and teased – evidently – someone like Biasci, who recently lost his starting position and every time he took over he was loaded with buckshot. And be careful, always up front, about the possible increase in Donnarumma's playing time, close to the same as Reggiana.
The competition chapter also applies to the right wing, where Situm has returned to the highest levels and D'Andrea is starting to show everyone why, this summer, a big team like Palermo would follow him. To the full-back and the winger we must add the other men used in the lane, namely Sounas, Brignola and Oliveri: the Greek is no longer an immovable starter, the other two have never been, but just think back to the spirit with which they entered the second half with Reggiana to understand that they can still be very useful, from the beginning or in progress, also based on the characteristics of the opponents, who in the next four matches all occupy the right side of the table.
All the players will be needed and the pressure-free atmosphere that reigns in Giovino's locker room will also be important, the one expected from a freshman who is now in sixth place, has never dropped below seventh and has been in honeymoon with their fans. The square gives the extra touch: it just wants to have fun, it doesn't ask for anything else. Also for this reason you can go to Brescia to meditate on redemption.