Catanzaro has fun… at the Luna Park, with the Greek joker as the great protagonist. Market, there is a clear name


By John

It is true that a “statue”, as he claims Vivarini, many deserve it. One, however, more than all the others because he is not a striker, but he scored two goals. He is not the technical leader of the team, but he is always important. You didn’t even expect him to be so good in Serie B, but instead he is putting out so many monumental performances. In short, Dimitrios Sounas (in the picture) is a museum piece, to be displayed with the same pride that it displays race after race. His two decisive goals in the 5-3 win over Lecco are also museum pieces: the Greek – a fury – had never scored a brace in Serie B.
«It wasn’t easy – he underlined –, in the first half we created a lot and in any case we went into the locker room with a poor result. B is this, as soon as you make a mistake they punish you and therefore you must always be at your best. We needed a reaction and it arrived in the second half, because we entered with our heart and winning was very important.”
The attacking midfielder is an example of the tenacity and obstinacy of this Catanzaro, a terrible freshman who on the eve of the game didn’t have all the credit he got with his results and play. The same as number 24, which arrived in the winter market two years ago. «I’m also happy with my personal performance, I always try to outdo myself, but the important thing is the team and the fact that it was necessary to win to put the defeats behind us and start again, so it was. As for me, looking back on the season up to this point, I’m proud of how it’s going: Vivarini gave me the chance to play for it and I hope to continue like this.”
It was difficult to imagine him being so decisive even in the cadet tournament, Sounas. In C there was obviously added value, upstairs the unknowns were legitimate. Evidently we just had to give him the opportunity (which Perugia hadn’t given him) and wait for him to settle in. It didn’t take him long (he had already played a great match with an assist against Lecco in the first leg) and the rest came as a consequence, including the extension of the contract which now expires in June 2025.
Among other things, Sounas has also broadened his range of action, because he does many of the things he did last year, as a midfielder or attacking midfielder, but starts more externally, from the right: «It’s a role that I really like, and then when the coach asks you to do something, you have to do it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s left or right, I focus a lot on the tactical phase.”
Friday night was perhaps the most difficult match won so far: «In many respects yes, because you take the lead, then you concede a goal and go behind when you were already coming off three defeats. But we have a big heart and we turned it around together with our audience.”
Thirty-three points and thirty-three goals in twenty games, Catanzaro continues to travel at very high gear: «The balance so far is positive, we are in the playoff zone and the objective is to score as many points as possible to secure safety as soon as possible. We think about this.”
The rest will come by itself. With tenacity and pride. The ones that Sounas always puts on the field.

Market chapter

Having archived the first match of the year, Catanzaro can concentrate its attention on the market, especially on incoming operations. The objectives are known: a defender and a striker who are physically strong and a midfielder who fills the hole left by the injury of Ghion because now three midfielders are barely enough, and every time one of them ends up on the ground due to a clash of play (like Pontisso Friday night) rightly makes the coach, staff, doctors, club and fans anxious.
As for the tip, the return in style of Iemmello could take away a bit of haste and pressure, in the sense that the type of characteristics sought are always missing (pounds and centimetres), but it is better to wait a minimum: there has still been no move of attackers around if we exclude the Bonfanti-Gliozzi exchange between Modena and Pisa, the so-called waltz has yet to start. At the moment the need for a fourth midfielder seems more pressing (Amatucci of Fiorentina?) and, perhaps, the addition of a defender who adds incisiveness in the air.
For the back package the club has bet with conviction Matias Antonini, a Brazilian with an Italian passport who could leave Taranto and is also of interest to Brescia. Catanzaro had carried out a survey in the summer and has repeated it now with the integration of a concrete offer which so far would not have satisfied the request of the Apulians: a balance must be found from an economic point of view, but the negotiation is there and this week it could have a turning point.
The team, meanwhile, has received a two-day break: the resumption of training is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in Giovino. Catanzaro will play on Saturday against Feralpisalò (2pm) in Piacenza.