Tragedy in Messina, he leans out to repair an air conditioner and falls from the window: a 53-year-old dies


By John

Tragedy in ParadiseWhere a man is dead after falling from the window on the second floor of a building near the former Paradise hotel.
Ernesto Zodda, 53 years old originally from Patti, leaned out the window to try to repair the air conditioner. While he was working, for reasons yet to be ascertained, he flew down and ended up on the pavement. For the 53-year-old, when the 118 paramedics arrived, there was already nothing left to do. Zodda died instantly. Police cars and firefighters are on site. The 53-year-old leaves behind his wife and a daughter. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office, but at the moment there are no suspects. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 3.30 pm in the San Nicolò di Bari church in Patti.