Catanzaro is always on the hunt for an attacker. The favorite remains Donnarumma


By John

The first objective achieved highlighted widely known needs. Catanzaro needs a striker. The preliminary round of the Coppa Italia could have ended differently from a skimpy 1-0 if only there had been a real striker. Curcio made his decision by deciding the challenge, but the playmaker is not one of those who can sing and carry the cross: number 10 is at its best if someone else does the dirty work, opens spaces and allows insertions, not the other way around. With Foggia there was a virtue of necessity to be done, as Vivarini had underlined on the eve, and so it was. But the absence of an area finisher, as the injured could have been Iemmello and Ambrosino, or even the bruised Biasci, was very clear. Biasci will be fine for Udine, given that he already broke the ice in the second half of the second half on Saturday; for Iemmello a few more days will be needed, even though his lump sum in Friuli is not taken for granted; for Ambrosino it will be discussed towards the end of the month, therefore with the championship already underway.
Given the conditions, it is natural that the club is trying to increase the forcing for a centre-forward. After the survey done for Gliozzi with Pisa and the request for information from Benevento for Moncini, the hypothesis Alfredo Donnarumma, leaving Ternana, has taken on a different specific weight compared to the first few days: the proposal received with a little coldness has therefore gradually taken shape and the thirty-two year old from Campania has become the first target in the role. Vivarini would like him back with him, this is no mystery. The coach from Abruzzo made him explode in Teramo paired with Lapadula, obtaining an individual haul of twenty-two. Then he also coached him at Empoli, where the Abruzzese was sacked well before the end of the season, but “his” striker put another ventello on the scoresheet, the first in Serie B of his career, followed in the next championship by twenty-five centers with Brescia, an individual record that allowed him and the Lombards to be promoted to Serie A (a category in which he scored seven times).
Donnarumma’s adventure in Terni ended after two years with mixed success: fourteen goals in thirty-two games in the first, only one in twenty-one games, but just six hundred and twenty-five minutes in the second. Lucarelli didn’t call him up for the last friendly precisely because he’s on the market, Vivarini would like to take him back and relaunch him even if he is aware that the transfer market is long, the costs are high and there are other teams for the attacker, including Sampdoria. The footballer from Torre Annunziato who blossomed in the Catania Spring would complete the department.
Catanzaro will try until the end as they are doing with defender Przemyslaw Szyminski, against whom the forcing continues after having found an agreement with Frosinone: in the last few hours there would have been an approach with the twenty-nine-year-old Polish, first thought for the back package. Having room for overs, it is not certain that the midfielder who will arrive is an under: given that Samp has not yet let go of one of Stoppa and Delle Monache, Cicerelli from Reggio could overcome the other two when the players amaranth will be automatically released.
Goodbye. Not called up against Foggia, Fazio and Gatti are close to greetings: the senator has been heading towards Virtus Francavilla for some time now, the younger teammate (in the gallery at the “Razza” dark-faced) seems to be directed precisely towards Foggia. The club plans to close their sales in the next few days. Yesterday morning the team trained in Giovino: Udine is looming, Friday is just around the corner.