Catanzaro, it’s succession hunting: the possible scenarios


By John

The Catanzaro bench is destined to find a new occupant soon. Of course: the new season is upon us and the fans are eager. The club expects to close the circle by Tuesday, the sporting director Ciro Polito has been in Milan for days for this very reason. The next coach of the Giallorossi will certainly not be Alberto Aquilaniwhich he definitively refused: perhaps he didn’t feel like leading a team that was moving towards a re-foundation, if not a revolution, at the cost of remaining still for a while.
The path that leads to remains standing Paolo Biancoformer Modena who is a great friend of Polito, with whom he shared several experiences as a footballer, but his is not the only name in the mix. The idea of ​​the club not to overturn some principles of the game, assimilated by heart by the players in the last two years, is always the point of reference on which the ds is working. And it also makes his task more difficult.
A first contact with Eugenio Corini it was not followed up because the former coach of Palermo, who won a Serie B championship in Brescia, seems to have shot high: it cannot be completely ruled out yet, but the more time passes, the more weight the possibility that the Eagles will be entrusted to a surprise profile, never emerged so far, gains.
Another road to follow could be the one that leads to Fabio Casertafired by Cosenza during the last season, but not without the credentials required to take on the role at “Ceravolo”: Caserta worked with Polito for three years at Juve Stabia, it is a hypothesis that could be explored further. A final path instead leads to a coach who has been kept completely top secret up until now. Certainly, the club must hurry to start planning and reassure an increasingly impatient fan base.
Repeated requests. There are many Giallorossi players who have received and are receiving requests. The most likely departures are Jari Vandeputte and Andrea Fulignati: on the Belgian winger Salernitana was inferior, but at the moment Cremonese seems ahead, while the goalkeeper is contested by the usual Cremonese (who had already looked for him in January) and by Palermo, where he played in the past and where he would have heartfelt reasons to return (it is his wife’s city). However, they are not the only ones being courted: after the excellent championship played, they have offers Antonini (in B and in A), Petriccione, Scognamillo (Salernitana and Avellino) and Sounds (Avellino) and almost all the others. Not everyone will leave, but the fact that they have requests is an aspect that needs to be taken into account.