Differentiated autonomy, Succurro at the San Giovanni in Fiore festival: it risks compromising our future


By John

The president of Anci Calabria, Rosaria Succurroreiterates his concerns about the law on differentiated autonomy. Succurro, like the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiutor, even critical of the law, is a member of Forza Italia. “As president of the Calabrian mayors, I have repeatedly stressed the need – said Succurro, in his speech during the celebration of June 24 for St. John the Baptist – to modify the law on differentiated autonomy, which, as approved, risks compromising the future of our territory. We are in fact convinced that, beyond the flags of politics, we must always act in the interest of citizens. This is our duty, which we try to carry out by collaborating with the Church, indispensable for the growth of the local community, marked by a long and important religious history, attributable to the thought and work of Gioacchino da Fiore”.

With the feast of the patron Saint John the Baptist, the second edition of the Roots Tourism Week ends in San Giovanni in Fiore, which attracted hundreds of relatives of local emigrants from the early twentieth century from abroad, including, together with their families, the young model Delaney Rose Wells, daughter of Natalie Tennant, a woman of Sangiovannese origins and former Secretary of State of West Virginia. Since last June 19, the Silan city has hosted cultural events every day, workshops for children on the theme of returning to the origins, concerts, debates on roots tourism and the promotion of typical local products, the second Festival of traditional Calabrian costumes and the Friendship Pact between the Municipalities of San Giovanni in Fiore, Torella del Sannio, Bagnoli del Trigno, Duronia, Fossalto, Frosolone, Pietracatella and Vastogirardi, all affected by the Monongah mining tragedy of December 6, 1907.Yesterday evening, in the open-air theatre behind the Florentine Abbey of San Giovanni in Fiore, the singer-songwriter Ron performed in front of several thousand spectators, who followed the exciting concert of the famous artist to the very end, applauded for his musical sensitivity and interpretative ability.

¬ęThis second edition – states the mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, who conceived and curated the Roots Tourism Week and all the related events – repays us for our great commitment. We saw and felt extraordinary emotions from the relatives of the emigrants, some of whom visited the city where their grandparents were born for the first time. We are on the right track, convinced that tourism of the roots represents a solid base on which to build the future, on an economic and social level. Repopulating the territory is therefore possible. It takes courage, inventiveness and perseverance, which we – he concludes – put into play punctually, also involving the other Municipalities of the internal areas of Calabria and enhancing their customs, arts and traditions”.