Catanzaro, «Pedestrian area at risk of flop». Urge preventative measures


By John

The objective is to broaden the audience for discussion, removing “the exclusivity of the dialogue” which has so far only been held between the mayor (and members of the council and the majority) and traders. A good portion of the opposition aims to build a broad debate, therefore, on the pedestrian area and, in particular, on the idea of ​​establishing a permanent stretch of it on Corso Mazzini. This is the area that goes from Piazza Grimaldi, at the Chamber of Commerce, to Piazza Santa Caterina (Police Headquarters), on which the administration intends to implement the “complete” version of the pedestrian area: 24 hours a day, 7 days on 7.
So far the confrontation between the mayor Nicola Fiorita and the traders has shown concrete openings on both sides, even if linked to the implementation of some measures. In fact, traders are asking that accessibility to the historic center be guaranteed and, indeed, even improved. Parking, public transport, general mobility are different aspects but all linked to the single objective of being able to count on a pedestrian area that is maximum effective.
It is precisely on this aspect that the opposition groups are asking for a discussion to be started in an ad hoc municipal council.