Catanzaro Servizi seeks a turning point: industrial plan to the Municipality


By John

The industrial plan of Catanzaro Servizi, the Municipality's subsidiary company which is trying to undertake the path of recovery and relaunch through a complex multi-year strategy, has been deposited at Palazzo De Nobili. The document will then arrive from the commission offices and then reach the city council for approval. The sole director Gianluca Silipo worked for a long time on the document, also having to deal with the tasks concerning the company, dealing with a delicate financial situation, deadlines and the need to identify a concrete path that can project the subsidiary towards the future, together with its 126 employees.
The context, therefore, is not the simplest but the basic idea is to build an organizational and operational structure that puts Catanzaro Servizi in a position to carry out activities, generate economies of scale and also open up to the territory by increasing its turnover, freeing itself from as well as dependence on municipal resources.